About Stagename

We're a mobile entertainment company focused on millennials and the brands that want to engage them. We've developed platforms and executed strategies that have served more than 30 million users. We build our own brands and partner with others who want to use our technology and leverage our relationships to deliver mobile user experiences millennials love.

Mobile Video

Mobile video is hard. We've built the platform and tools to deploy innovative user-generated mobile video experiences. Apps like "Tipcast" and "Back" are just a couple of examples we've enabled on our mobile video platform.


Our "Rivals" series was a virtual world for music makers on your iPhone. Rap Rivals enabled aspiring rap stars to battle for fame and fortune and along with our follow up Rock Rivals, served millions of iOS users.


We re-imagined mobile news with snackable summaries entirely in GIFs. NewsGIF, WeatherGIF and GIFscore received praise from press with multiple features by Apple as the Best New App worldwide.

Contact Stagename

Feel free to email us to say hello. We're based in beautiful, Toronto, Canada.